- TRES at SOUND CORNER 11 - MarCH 2014
Anna Cestelli presents TRES - Blackout concert # 26 (17'57").
Auditorium Parco della Musica - Fundazione Musica per Roma.

- TRES - MALDITO SILENCIO - Nau Côclea, Camallera, Girona. 6.14.14

- TRES - CHERCHEBRUIT (9'06") - Picnic Sessions CA2M, Móstoles, Madrid. 07.10.14

- TRES - BLACKOUT # 29 DEN HAAG - Zuiderstrand Theater 16/11/2014 In framework of Volks Paleis
Organized by Galerie West - Curated by Michal Libera

- TRES - I´M A DEAD MAN. FESTIVAL PERIFERIAS 2014 Exhibition of the photo series at Centro Cultural Matadero, Huesca. October 2014.


- THE FAKE DRUIDS - SCHLAGWERK- The second album by The Fake Druids. Thunder Moon 2013.

- TRES - BLACKOUT # 27 KRAKÓW-Audio Art Festival
History and Archeology Museum of the city of Kraków. November 18, 2013. 8.30pm.

Presentation of 13 new videoclips for the second CD by The Fake Druids: Schlagwerk. Vídeos by Julián Álvarez, Lydia Zimmermann, Jacobo J. Zoe & Adrià Guardiola, Jordi Teixidó, Carolina Cabrerizo, Ulrich Weitzel, Xavi Marx, Xavi Casadesús, Francesca Llopis, Josep M. Jordana and Tres. November 25, 2013, 9pm. FLUX CLUB / ANTIC TEATRE. BCN.

December 20, 2013. 8pm. San Sebastian. Vasc Country.

- Music journalist Jaime Gonzalo includes a track by Tres "Panodrama" (1982) in "La ciudad secreta", a book about experimental music in the pre-olimpic Barcelona.


- Klamm and T in "TENSIÖN" Spanish experimental underground 1980-1985 (complilation LP y CD)

- THE FAKE DRUIDS - "Everything in this recording is strictly based on the available facts". Thunder moon records 2012. CD. Presentation of the cd at Antic Teatre (BCN). First public shows in Barcelona, Mataró and Berlin.

- TRES - BETWEEN SILENCE AND DESTRUCTION + Two actions: Damned silence (shooting white silence) and Sound action with XGUIX.
LA TACHÉ GALLERY. BCN. From September 6th to September 29.

- ARTIVIST - Music for Andrew Tkach's documentary about Ai WEIWEI. FREE WEIWEI (The song) and HONKG KONG REMIX.


- CURATOR OF THE EXHIBITIONS CYCLE "IMPLICIT SOUND" at ESPAI 13 / FUNDACIÓ JOAN MIRÓ. BCN - ARTISTS: Marcus Coates, Esther Mañas/Arash Moori, Michael Sailstorfer, Su-Mei Tse, João Onofre.

Silence and Art / Voids, a retrospective / No More Silence + Cutting up the Silence. April 13 and 15.

Produced by PJ González in June 2011. PLAY IT LOUD!
A song IN SUPPORT of chinese ARTIST and activist AI WEIWEI. Produced by PJ GONZÁLEZ who also played drums and percussion. TRES played guitars, bass, keyboards and did the vocals. Our love and respect for AI Weiwei whose voice and message was brought in the song. Youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UQDz-7EcNJUYou may download the mp3 from Soundcloud.


A song about CHINESE DISSIDENCE, AI WEIWEI and FREEDOM OF EXPRESSION. ENJOY!!! You may DOWNLOAD the mp3 from Soundcloud.com
Produced by PJ GONZÁLEZ.

From July 23 through August 28. Lectoure (Le Gers), France.

- TRES_ JE SUIS MORT (The newspaper)
Published in July 2011 for the exhibition JE SUIS MORT.
Concept et direction: Tres
Conception graphique: Xavi Casadesús
Collaborateurs: François Saint Pierre, Eva Ferrés, Alicia Chillida, Enric Puig Punyet, Marc Viaplana, Lydia Zimmermann, Cármen Escudero, Núria Sitjà, Patrícia Soley- Beltràn, Leah Brookes, Martina Millà, Joan Mas Zammit.

- TRES - Video instalation SHOOT at festival A PART, ARTS I ESTRUCTURES, Girona. 11.14.2011


- CURATOR of the EXHIBITIONS CYCLE "EXPLICIT SILENCE" at ESPAI 13 / FUNDACIÓ JOAN MIRÓ. BCN - ARTISTS: Mayte Vieta, Mario García Torres, Tom Kotik, Sophie Whettnall, Sirous Namazi.

- HOMMAGE (FOR FILLIOU). An extreme action.
Festival Nits d'Hielo i Art en l'exili 13 + Robert Filliou Fluxus permanent creation in Valencia. January 29 2010

- TRES- NO MORE SILENCE (An extreme action)
Presentation of the book LA MOSCA TRAS LA OREJA. DE LA MÚSICA EXPERIMENTAL AL ARTE SONORO by LLorenç Barber and Monstserrat Palacios.
Auditorio del MACBA. Wednesday, Abril 7 at 7.30p.m.

- TRES - MALDITO SILENCIO / Hiroshima mon amour
July 17, 2010

The concert recorded for Doropaedia#10 "Silencio" 11.13.2010 CA2M (Móstoles, Madrid)

- SHOOT (silent videoinstallation)
FLUX FESTIVAL 2010 -Arts Santa Mónica (BCN). 9 through 12 december 2010


- TRES " Non Serviam"
Galería Palma Dotze.
From February 6 to March 29 de 2009
La Palma, 12 08720 Vilafranca del Penedès. BCN.

- "18 TIMES NO MORE SILENCE photographed 18 times at ARCO 09"
Clandestine action. The object "18 times no more silence" was photographed in 18 different galleries at the Madrid fair ARCO 09. Photographs by Rosa Puig. February the 12th between 2.46 pm and 3.33 pm. The galleries were Galería Fúcares, Madrid, 14.46h, Galería Estrany - De la Motta, Barcelona, 14.50h - Galería Max Estrella, Madrid, 14.52h - Galería Soledad Lorenzo, Madrid, 14.53h - Galerie Lelong, Paris, New York, Zurich, 14.55h - Galeria Toni Tàpies, Barcelona, 14.57h - Galeria Palma Dotze, Vilafranca del Penedés, Barcelona, 14.59h - GMG Gallery, Moscow, 15.01h -
DNA Galerie, Berlín, 15.03h - Galerie Ernst Hilger, Vienna, 15.05h - Galería Helga de Alvear, Madrid, 15.13h - Galería Pepe Cobo, Madrid, 15.16h - Galeria Joan Prats,Barcelona, 15.17h - Galería Tomás March, Valencia, 15.19h - Galería Elba Benítez, Madrid, 15.23h - Galeria Carles Taché, Barcelona, 15.26h -
Dan Galería, Sao Paulo, 15.33h.

- Presentation of the book TRES - THE ACTIONS 1981-2008 (Zammit Edicions) 04.29.09. Arts Santa Mònica. Barcelona

- The Necessary Angel. 04.20.09. A blindfolded colective attentive listening experience. Ramblas Barcelona.

- Tubas on the Lake. 08.15.09. Once Upon a Summer’s Eve, Keswick. Lake District. UK. Lakesalive.

- Damned Silence/27 shots. Presentation of the INGRÀVID festival. 08.24.09. Teatre Jardí. Figueres. Girona.

- Piano Overlay #1. Birthplace of Narcís Monturiol. Figueres. Girona. 24 through 27 September.


- TRES at Charpa Gallery. 02.04.08. Valencia.

- Blackout Concert # 24 Welcome to China. 04.05.08. CaixaForum's Mediateca. BCN.

- Presentation of the video "The silences of Venice" Cutting up the silence #4. 04.05.08. Shot With Josep M. Jordana in May 2006. CaixaForum's Auditorium. BCN.

- El Duende XL Awards Silent Ceremony. June 2. Matadero, Madrid.

- Concert of silences for four tubas and two bells. 06.11.08. Opening of VISUALKULTUR. FAD. BCN.

- Dialogue with the waves. Clandestine piece for two bells and silences. 06.21.08. San Sebastian beach. BCN.

- Damned silence - 07/05/08. Galería Antonio de Barnola. Barcelona.
An extreme action. A sonic metaphor meant to destroy certain silences that are excessively present in the media and our society: those relating to forgotten conflicts, to ignored disasters, to silenced crimes, and to silence induced by fear. There are positive silences and negative ones, and this action spoke of a desire to eliminate the negative ones. 07/05/08. Galería Antonio de Barnola. Barcelona.

- Blackout # 25. Switch off the ETSAB
11.28.08. School of Arquitecture. Barcelona.


- 72 white silence balls found at ARCO 07. Clandestine action. February 15 and 16. Madrid.

- Blackout Concert # 20. 06.16.07. Sónar 07. Centre d'Art Santa Mónica. BCN.

- Blackout Concert # 21. 06.21.07. International Day of Music. L'Auditori. BCN.

- Short Silent Concert # 1. 06.27.07. 9.00 p.m. at Plaza Sant Agustí Vell. BCN

- Short Silent Concert # 2. 07.14.07. 9.00 p.m. at Jardins de Rubió i Lluch (La Massana). Raval. BCN.

- Ninth Silent Cocktail. 07.26.07. Festival d'Estiu de Deltebre. Bouesia 07. Deltebre. Tarragona

- Blackout Concert # 22. Switch off Maçanet de Cabrenys. 08.26.07. Maçart 07. Festival of Contemporary Culture of the Empordà. Maçanet de Cabrenys. Girona.

- Concert of Silence. 09.01.07. Drums of silence, tubas and bells. Kendal Castle. Mintfest. Kendal. Cumbria. UK.

- Tres. Papiers Vidés. Librairie La Mazarine. Solo exhibition. 09.13.07. Paris. France.
Performance "This is the definition of silence". Action consisting of the writing of the invisible words “This is the definition of silence” on the glass door of the Mazarine Bookstore in Paris followed by their erasure using a lead eraser.

- Presentation of the video Kakua and Kántor + Symphony of Sirens. Thursday 09.20.07 at 20h. Opening of the Biennal de la Mediterrània – Artmar. Museu Marítim. BCN.

- Tubas on the lake. The silence of Mermaids. 09.22.07. Opening of "The White Night". Retiro Park. Madrid.

- Kakua and Kántor. Silent concert for choir and mercury ocean. 09.24.07. Sant Sebastià beach. La Merçè 07. BCN.

- Short Silent Concert # 3. 10.21.07. Plaça d'Osca. Sants. BCN.

- Cutting up the silence # 6 + Twelve questions without an answer. 24.10.07. Kinzena Poetika. Palma Dotze Gallery. Vilafranca del Penedés. Barcelona. 33 meters of silence were cut in 9'24''69''.

- Blackout Concert # 23. 11.03.07. "Scheitern lernen" - The Dick Raaijmakers Event. Tesla Building. Berlin. Germany.

- Short Silent Concert # 4. 11.11.07. Jardins de la Mediterrània. Sants. BCN.

- 52 times "Shhh, James Lee Byars". 11/17 to 11/18/07. 52 Biennale di Venezia. Giardinni and Arsenale.
An action consisting of requesting silence for James Lee Byars 52 times, while holding a small piece by the artist and pointing at it. The action was a replica of the one performed by the artist himself in the Biennale. In his case, the object pointed at was a Joseph Beuys sculpture.

- Tenth Silent Cocktail. 12.19.07. Cervantes Institute. Beijing. Clausura de Literatura con Ñ. Paisajes literarios del siglo XXI en España.


- Emptied Papers/Bagged Silences. 02.09.06. Obra Alegria Gallery. San Juan de Puerto Rico

- Cutting up the silence # 3. 02.09.06. Obra Gallery Alegría. San Juan de Puerto Rico. Due to the surrounding noise, zero inches of silence were cut.

- Susan-Sontag-Susan-Silence part 3. 02.20.06. With Mei Lai on Laptop. The Bowery Poetry Club. New York

- Blackout concert # 19. 02.23.06 Issue Project Room. New York

- Cutting up silence # 4. 05.28.06. Shooting of the video: “The silences of Venice” with JM. Jordana. Venice. Italy

- Cutting up silence # 5. 06.06.06. Presentation of the “Eraser”. 10’15 meters of silence were cut in
4’53’’78’’’. La Central bookshop. BCN

- Tubas on the lake. 06.18.06. “Feast – A picnic by the lake”. Manchester. England

- Kakua and Kantor. Silent concert for choir and mercury sea. 06.21.06.International Day of Music. Sant Sebastià Beach. BCN

- 8th Silent Cocktail. 09.25.06. Sant Felip Neri Sq. La Mercè 06. BCN

- Metallia Machina Silentia. 10.20.06. FUM. Arenys de Mar. BCN

- Metallia Machina Silentia. 11.03.06. Ciclo Tardor Literaria. Tarragona

- Metallia Machina Silentia. 11.11.06. Festival A Part. Girona

- Eraser. 11.18.06. Museum of the mines. Bellmunt de Priorat. Tarragona

- Eraser. 12.15.06. Merch & Promo. Centre d'Art Santa Mònica. BCN


- Susan-Sontag-Susan-Silence. February 10th and 11th. Multiple-silent- action consisting of inviting the gallerists at ARCO 05 to share individually with him, 60 seconds of silence in memory of Susan Sontag. 20 minutes of silence were gathered. Madrid

- Cd. RAS. Vol.7 (Compilation) -Tres: Symphony of sirens # 5. (8’00”).

- Silence. 03.03.05. Lecture. Barcelona University. Campus Mundet. BCN

- Susan Sontag Susan Silence. Part two. 03.17.05.
A 20-minute-long silent homage consisting of a silent reading of various fragments of Sontag´s essay The Aesthetics of Silence. Typing and text projection: Mireia Alonso. Crypt of La Central del Raval Bookstore. Barcelona.

- James Lee Byars' last words. April 4th and 5th 05. Cloister of Saint Agustin Convent. BARRIBROSSA 05. The action comprises an almost inaudible relating to the artist James Lee Byars, the opening of an unread letter containing desert sand and the artist's last words, the invisible writing of those words on a black-board, and the action of erasing them with a golden eraser. BCN

- Blackout Concert # 15. 04.29.05. Scientific Investigations Council (CSIC). BCN

- The sandwich man # 2 against the police helicopter. 05.01.05. Once again demonstraiting in the streets of Barcelona on Mayday.

- Tubas on the lake - The Silence of the Mermaids. Twilight and boats for tubas and silence. 06.21.04. International Day of Music. Ciutadella Park. BCN

- Blackout concert # 16. 09.16.05. Keilahalli. ANTI-festival. Kuopio. Finland

- The silence of Joseph Beuys has been underestimated. October 27th and 28th. Action consisting of being photographed at Art Cologne, and the Kunst Akademie of Dusseldorf, Germany, showing a placard that refers to Beuys' piece: "The silence of Marcel Duchamp has been overestimated".

- Blackout concert # 17. 10.29.05. Kunsthaus Rhenania. Köln. Germany

- Blackout concert # 18. 12.25.05. Mau Mau Underground. BCN


- Blackout concert # 14. 01.01.04 Cafetxo waterfall. Sotomayor. Pontevedra

- I'm a dead man. February 04.
Photoperformance that took place over a period of five consecutive days, with Tres lying on the ground and pretending to be dead in different places of Barcelona. Dates coincided with ARCO, Madrid’s art fair. The photos were taken by Lydia Zimmermann, Olga Carretero, Javier Carles, Cosmo Campbell and Carmen Escudero.

- Sandwich man # 1. 13M . 03.13.04. An anonymous sandwich man demonstrated with the message “3/13? A suspicious silence”. The protest took place in Barcelona in front of the Spanish Government Delegation building two days after the Madrid terrorist attacks of March 11th. It denounced the Partido Popular’s disgusting attempt to stay in power by blaming ETA for the Madrid bombings while hiding growing evidence to the contrary.

- Homage to Rimbaud. 03.19.04. Barribrossa. Mercat de les Flors. BCN

- Sandwich man # 2. Against police helicopters. 05.01.04. May the 1st, the Sandwich man # 2 demonstrated in the streets of Barcelona under the helicopters during May Day celebrations.

- Symphony of sirens # 5. 06.09.04. Twilight and boats for tubas and silence. Opening of the Mostra Sonora I Visual of Barcelona. Ciutadella Park. BCN

- Drums of silence, and building. 06.21.04. International Day of Music. 35 partially silenced drums gave a concert from the balconies of a building. With Jordi Requena, Ku Kum Ku, and others. First silenced statue. BCN

- Seventh Silent Cocktail. 11.03.04. Opening of Proposta Festival '04. CCCB. Video LL. The silences of Maria Callas. Con J.M. Jordana. BCN

- Symphony of sirens # 7. Concert of silences for seven tubas in a zen garden. 11.16.04. Opening of CAD '04. BCN

- Emptied Papers. Gallery Joan Mas. November - December 04. BCN


- Presentation of the cd Tres - Dodecamut. With Gat, Carles H. Mor, Esther Xargay, Maddish Falconi y Eduard Escoffet. 01.28.03. Library of the Zoology Museum. BCN

- 5th Silent Cocktail. 02.03.03. Escena Contemporánea Festival. Círculo de Bellas artes. Madrid

- 6th Silent Cocktail. 02.07.03. Nits d'Aielo I Art Festival. Aielo de - Malferit. Valencia

- Cutting up the silence # 1. 02.14.03. Action consisting of trying to reach a state of such soundlessness that you could cut it and cutting it with a pair of scissors. Duration 3 minutes. 9 Meters of silence were cut. Alcala 21. Madrid

- 3/3/03. A walk from Plaça Catalunya to the Columbus monument.
The action consisted of walking down the Ramblas blindfolded and guided by Jacobo J. Zoe. 3/3/03. Ramblas. Barcelona.

- Blackout concert # 10. 03.16.03. Closing of the Homage to John Cage "El bosque sonoro". Mercat de les Flors. BCN

- Blackout concert # 12. 04.03.03. Encontros Ifi Festival. Arts University of Pontevedra

- 1st pilgrimage to el Valle del silencio (Valley of silence). 4/5 to 4/8/2003. Ponferrada. León. Video documentary, ritual bathing in the Silencio River and immersion of 48 white cardboards meant to be sent from the valley.

- 25hrs. Video Art International Show. Video Eloquium (short version) With J.M Jordana. BCN

- Silent Parade. 06.21.03. Band of the United Mounted Police of Barcelona. Succession of small silent concerts in the Plazas of the Old City of Barcelona. The hooves of the horses muted with rubber. International Day of Music. BCN

- Group exhibition "La vaixella imaginaria". Tres - Silenced plate. Casa de la Premsa. BCN

- Cutting up the silence # 2. 09.13.03. Pasarela/Silencio. 20 meters of silence were cut in 7'10''. L'animal a l'esquena art creation center. Celrás. Girona

- Blackout concert # 11 Switching off La Casa Encendida. 10.05.03. Experimenta club '03. La Casa Encendida. Madrid

- Blackout concert # 13. 10.28.03. Placeta Montcada 3. BCN


- 4th Silent cocktail. 02.02.02. Sala Montcada. La Caixa. Silent concert for seven wind instruments and snare drum. BCN

- Silent concert with the Barcelona Municipal Band. 06.21.02. International Day of Music. The BMB played during 30 minutes without a note being heard. Passeig del Born. BCN

- Metallia Machina Silentia. 10.22.02. G's club. BCN

- Cd. Tres - Dodecamut. G3G/Silence Science records.

- Lecture about my work. Eina school of arts and design. BCN


- Blackout concert # 9. 02.17.02. 4th sound art festival Zeppelin 01. CCCB. BCN


- Parkart - Concert of silences for string three instruments and two Jaguar cars. With Didac P. Lagarriga. BCN

- Blackout concert # 1. 02.21.00. Idea . LLibrería - Café - Internet. BCN

- Blackout concert # 2. 03/07/00. Fossar de les Moreres. BCN

- Blackout concert # 4. 04.28.00. Hangar - Center of audiovisual production. BCN

- Blackout concert # 6. Idep . 05.16.00. Idep. Video, cinema, TV school. BCN

- Blackout concert #5. 05.18.00. So_da. Lounge bar. BCN

- Blackout concert #3. 09.14.00. Abaixadors Deu. BCN

- Blackout concert #7. 10.31.00. Sidecar. Factory club. BCN

- Blackout concert #8. 11.05.00. Periferias 2000 festival. Huesca


- 1st expedition In search of the desert silence. Symbolic taking of the Sahara desert and official lecture "Vox clamantis in deserto". With Sonja Moonear. 16.03.99. Shigaga dunes. Morrocco

- MUTED 99 A celebration of silence, the loudest existing sound. Intermix program. CCCB. 3rd Silent cocktail. Video Eloquium 2 with J.M. Jordana. BCN

- SILENCE SCIENCE. Launching of the label from SONAR 99. BCN

- Cd. The conceptual High Volume Silence. Compilation of silences by Dj's. With Surgeon, Ian Pooley, Angel Molina, Hell, Beroshima, Charlie Hall, Mr.C, Funk D'Void and Dr. Feelgood. K/Silence Science records.

- Cd. Tres - 67' of S.I.L.E.N.C.E. K/Silence Science records.


- Ambar (Maxi single). Tres: Vocals. (Collaboration).

- MUTED 98 A Factory of silences. Intermix program. 2nd Silent cocktail. Video Eloquium with J.M. Jordana. CCCB. BCN.


- La Banda Municipal de Barcelona plays the Evrugo Mental State Anthem. Conductor: Tres. L.E.M. Festival. Pza. Rius i Taulet. BCN


- Sónar 1996. Flicker Twins (vídeo jockeys) With J. M. Jordana. BCN


- The contract. Script for a short film.

- Cd. Noise Club uno. Tres: Words (Compilation)

- Cd. Raeo - Adiós Júpiter. Tres: backing vocals in Helen Forsdale. (Collaboration)


- Members Only. Group exhibition. Galería Carles Poy. BCN

- The salt. Group exhibition. Espai Hartung. Menorca.

- S´ha rebentat l´hospici. Group exhibition. Museu comarcal d' Olot. Girona

- First Silent cocktail. 03.03.93 (Atelier). BCN

- Artists against AIDS. Group exhibition. Caja Madrid. BCN

- No acción Mu. Homage to Arthur Cravan. Palau de la Virreina. BCN

- Cd. Pelayo/Nubla - Galvana. Tres: Vocals in Hal.lucin (Collaboration)


- Cd. Superelvis - Wrong songs. Tres: Backing vocals (Collaboration)

- Rápido. Group exhibition. Museo of footwear. BCN.

- One man exhibition at Brok Gallery. BCN.


- Zush.Tres live at Les Allumés Festival. Nantes. France

- Second Great exhibition of musicians-painters. Transformadors. BCN

- Zush.Tres - On the rooms of mush. Lp. Barcelona ficción romance. (Compilation)

- Misivas vacuas (empty letters). Collection of experimental letters whose contents and phisical appearance have been reduced to silence in essence.


- Zush.Tres - Evrugo Mental State. Lp G.A.S.A records.

- Art Futura 1990. Zush.Tres live. BCN


- Zush.Tres live at Bikini. BCN


- Zush.Tres, the band, at the Museo of contemporary art. Toulousse. Premiere of the Evrugo Anthem by the Symphonic Band of the city of Toulousse. France

- Silenciosos. Extensive collection of gouaches including close ups of friends and celebrities requesting silence.


- Barcelona Cónica. Short film in super 8 for Arsenal. TV3.


- The Book of silence. Starts cutting out press articles dealing with silence in a wide sense.


- Cabaret Voltaire. Homage to Francis Picabia. Closing of the show and artistic suicide. BCN

- U.M.B.N Aleatoria is born. First experimentation of silence in music using a band. Gigs at the Metrònom Gallery with Gat and Vidi Vidal. BCN

- First great exhibition of musician-painters. Café del Sol. BCN


- With Eduardo Polonio: Chryse Planitia. Acoustic automatic lecture. Boliche. BCN

- The Thirst - Ritual Manifiesto of the evrugui head scratching. Wet performance. Fountain in Pº de Gracia/Gran vía. BCN

- First Hipercubis.


- Klamm - Africa roja. Lp Klamm records

- T - Dark Fields. Lp Klamm records

- Domestic Sampler Umyu. Tres - I doubt. Compilation of the label Umyu. Lp

- The hunger. Performance. Viktoria Luise Platz fountain. Berlín


- Evrugo Mental State National Introelectric Anthem.

- Tres becomes Enestir of sounds in Evrugo Mental State.


- ADANEVA 31 - Multimedia performance by Xavier Guix. La Fábrica, Barcelona. Tres - Movement.











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