silent reading

Action lasts approximately 20 minutes during which a selected text belonging to an author is read publicly. However, the reading is mute, in other words, it takes place without a single word being heard, in the most absolute silence possible.

The setting is simple and takes place in a conference room or auditorium. There are three chairs for three speakers; one for the person in charge of the silent reading (with open microphone), in the center there is a reserved space for the absent author (name on the table, in his/her place, with an open microphone), and one for a third speaker, whose task will be to type the selected text on a laptop. The text will be projected simultaneously onto a large screen where the audience can read it.

The microphones are meant to amplify the silence; that of the reader, who vocalizes, acts and directs the public as if they were reading as well as that of the absent author.





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