metallia machina silentia

METALLIA MACHINA SILENTIA is a sound experiment in which silence and the most radical amplified noise alternate together with a projection of silent video images, posing the hypothesis that silence is not merely an acoustic phenomenon and conveying to the spectator a perception of silence which goes beyond the experience of hearing.

Metallia Machina Silentia is 45 minutes long. The first part is an audiovisual of silent images and radio frequencies alternated with silences.
The second part consists of gradually shutting off all sources of mechanic sounds and light in the room until the maximum level of silence and darkness is achieved.

The silent images of Metallia Machina Silentia, have been carefully chosen based on their capacity to evoke sounds that we are not able to hear. The intention is to get the spectator to discover a new sense which does not stem from fine-tuning his hearing abilities but which is linked to the perception of silence.




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